Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Taking A Break

We have enjoyed our Christmas break so much!! Ah, the freedom! Sleeping in for two weeks now...slower pace, staying in my jammies a FEW days.  It has been SO heavenly.  I hate for it to end.  In fact, I dread Monday when we will start homeschooling again.  Please don't misunderstand!!! I would choose nothing else over homeschooling, but any way you look at it, it is work.  We have homeschooled since Jordan was 4, thinking at that time we would be preparing her to start kindergarten the next year at a Christian school.  She's in the 10th grade now, Evan is in the 8th and Jessie is always happen to announce, "I'm first grade!".  Although in the younger years we never said this is forever, I think it is safe to say now that we're in it till the end.  A couple years ago I saw an article in HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) that was titled, "How Long Are You In For?" with a picture of a person inside a cell, looking out through the bars.  I've been IN for a long time now! I feel so certain that this is the path that we are supposed to be on...but at the moment I'm just tired.  Anemia might have something to do with that! When we are out for the summer, I read books about homeschooling, research to see what materials would be best for the upcoming school year, work on projects around the house that simply can't get done in the school year, purchase books for the next year, try to sell those we're done with.  I always have a list of things I want to accomplish when we are out for Christmas Break and Spring Break too.  Whether we are in school or on break, my mind is always thinking of what all needs to be done.  I'm sure many moms can relate, whether you homeschool or not...when I'm is difficult to truly relax...even if I am doing "relaxing things" my mind is so busy.  The first week of our Christmas break there was much to do in preparation for Christmas.  This week, although we have certainly done things around the house, I have rebelled against that feeling of "I must be doing something productive every minute I am home!" Jordan and I have shopped, we have enjoyed watching movies together and tv shows.  Today I tickled Jessie till she peed in her panties, Oops! I knew we were going to have "tickle time" so I prepared in advance by taking her to the potty, but we just had too much fun.  Jordan, Jessie and I talked, and tickled and snuggled, then did it all again.  I wish Evan had been around for that but he was wrapped up in Xbox.  Yesterday, I didn't let him play Xbox all day so that he would hang out with us.  We alternated doing some things around the house and taking time to watch tv and play.  I have enjoyed this time with my kids so much.  We do some of these things all the time, but this week I was different.  I have allowed myself to relax.   There are several things I had hoped to accomplish this week that I haven't yet, but I am trying to be o.k. with it.

There are four more days left till school starts back....If you take out Sunday (when we have to get dressed in the am) there are three.  I hope to spend a fair amount of those three days in my jammies....

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  1. I am so glad you could relax a little Josette! It sounds like you are a great Mom! We are going to try homeschooling with our last three - 4, 2, and 7 months - when it is time. Wish us luck and any tips would be so appreciated as we do not have a clue what we are in for! I will email you this weekend! Blessings my friend!