Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Pictures

Jordan and Evan with their cousins Aaron and Keith on Thanksgiving...their idea of fun: Rock Band

Jessie with my sister-in-law's sister-in-law, (a mouthful!) Debbie . This is the pillowcase
dress I made her.  You can't see the fabric all that well, it is so cute with pilgrims, Indians, pumpkins!

Playing ball IN THE KITCHEN!! with Cousin Emily

Jessie's favorite thing to do with Daddy is "box"! She's watched too much boxing with Daddy.
I took the cutest video of them boxing, but haven't learned how to upload that yet.
 He was able to get her to snuggle him for a minute instead while he was watching football.

Sweet sisters. Jessie sleeps with Jordan and has for a few months now. She used to
sleep with us.  Jordan is ready now for Jessie to sleep in her own bed, but none of us have
been up for that battle yet.  Jessie snuggles Jordan over to the edge and throws her leg over her.

Boo sleeps with the girls too, and sometimes one of our 2 cats.

Sweet Boo, a dog that now knows it is good to love and be loved.

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