Friday, September 17, 2010

Always Learning :)

Jordan sleeps with her big sister, Jordan.  A couple of nights ago they were laying in bed together, talking before going to sleep.  While talking Jessie brought up that she had written on Jordan's t.v. earlier in the day.  When she had done it earlier, Jordan had scolded her and given her a pop on the bottom and Jessie was angry about getting in trouble.  She didn't seem to be repentant at all.  While talking in bed, she (Jessie) said she was sorry she wrote on Jordan's t.v.  Jordan said she thought another second and then told Jordan she would clean it up.  When Jordan told me about this the next morning, you can imagine that it made my mama heart very happy.

Two things:  #1, Jessie was obviously laying there thinking over her day, LIKE THE REST OF US DO when we lay in bed at night.  I've never known before if Jessie thinks back over things in that same way.  I know Jessie continues to talk about something fun we've done that she wants to do again, but this was clearly different.  When Jessie was younger it was so hard that often we didn't know for sure exactly what she was thinking.  I am amazed constantly at how her communication has improved.  Not only her ability to speak well enough to be understood,  but to be able to find the words to communicate what it is she wants to say.  It seems like she surprises me with something she says almost every day.

#2:  She realized she had done wrong, she was sorry, AND she wanted to make it right.  Wow!  There are certainly plenty of times when she is genuinely sorry for something she's done and she tries to clean up her mess, etc.  In the heat of the moment Jessie wasn't sorry, but after a "cooling off period" she could see more clearly.  There are many adults that could learn from her example :)