Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Funny School Moment

Ah, this kid never ceases to entertain me :)   We were doing our school work.  A few days ago I had printed a list of Dolch sight words and I was going through the list seeing which words Jessie knew and which ones she still needed to learn.  This type of task, where she encounters many words she doesn't know, is always frustrating for her.  I usually don't keep pressing much once she gets to the frustration level. We had started with the pre-primer and worked up and covered much of the list in one day last week.  Today, I really wanted to finish the list so that I could make a list of the words we needed to learn.  Jessie was getting more and more aggravated when there were words she didn't know.  Finally she told me, "finish tomorrow."  There were only a few left, so I pressed on.  In just a second came, "I'm sick and tard of it!"  I laughed and hugged her.  I told her we were almost done. Then, when I pointed to the word "if", which I knew she knew, she said "sweating".  Sweating? Really?

 I was very pleased with how many words on the list Jessie knew. This was a list through 3rd grade. There were some words she's learned that she didn't remember and will just take a little review. But, there were many words I didn't think she'd know that she did.

I probably should have broken the list into more days so she wouldn't be as frustrated.  Because I have been completely wrapped up with working on scholarship applications with Jordan, Jessie has been slighted with her school, so I felt pressured to get more done this day.  She showed me, huh?

In every possible way, this kid keeps me on my toes :)