Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Crazy!!

Jessie is driving me crazy! She wants Jordan and Daddy to open the gifts she wrapped for them.  So far they are the only ones with gifts under the tree.  It was such fun for her to wrap them and it is just killing her for them to be there....she wants to see them open them.  She went on and on and ON about it last night till finally I told Jay to open one of his, hoping that would appease her.  She was extra tired at that point and I hoped today it wouldn't feel as "fresh" and she would think about it less.  Nope.  A few minutes ago, Jordan and I talked with her about it again, how it is just December 10th, that it has to be December 25th to be Christmas.  That she would wake up and everyone open their gifts together and Mommy would take pictures (and put them on the blog!)....she is temporarily satisfied.  I hope it lasts!

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