Friday, December 18, 2009

In the End...A Good Day

Today was one of those days that throughout the day, as the day went on, my opinion of the day continued to change.   

As homeschoolers we don't HAVE to be up and out early every day, so I find it difficult to stay on as good of a schedule as we should.  The closer we get to time for a school break...the later AND LATER the kids tend to sleep.  It seems since Jordan and Evan got to be teenagers ALL they want to do is sleep. Some days they are only up what seems a short time before they are falling asleep.  This greatly ANNOYS their mother!  Myself included, as we get close to an extended school break (Christmas, spring break, summer) we get up later and later. They didn't have much school work to do today, they each only have a couple of things to complete before they can be free till about January 4th.  When I have let them sleep late, I appreciate productivitity and plenty of it once they are up.  We were having a Youth Christmas Party at our house tonight.  Although there are only a few of us (in the youth group) prep takes the same amount of time!  Today we needed to clean our house, wash lots of bedding (where our scaredy cat dog peed on the bed while we were gone and it was storming), make a deliciously decadent peanut butter and chocolate dessert, make dip, sloppy joes and some minor cleaning. 

I don't know if other mom's feel the same (and I'd be interested to know!) but I'm constantly rating myself as a mother..based on the actions of my children.  When I couldn't get things done like they needed to be earlier in the day..I was feeling like such a failure, that my kids wouldn't be able to manage their homes when they are adults.  At one point, (speaking loudly!) I told them when they were adults and their homes were a disorganized mess that it would be my fault because I hadn't made them stick to a cleaning schedule (by not imposing consistent consequences)! My kids help a lot around the house...they are very good helpers, BUT the house does not run like a well oiled machine like I wish it did. If we followed the chore schedule on our refrigerator, our house should regularly be tidy and clean enough to not have to spend tons of time getting ready to have company.  We simply cannot seem to stick to that schedule!

This is an area I have struggled with for as long as I can remember.  Before we had kids, it was pretty easy to clean everything that needing doing on a Saturday.  Then, there was noone to be destroying something new while you are cleaning something else..that would be my sweet Jessie.  These days, it seems we have so much going on, that it is impossible to truly stay on top of things (to a comfortable, not perfect level!) and that drives me bonkers.  I did too much for them when they were younger, and didn't make them develop and stick with good habits that would help things stay more tidy.  The first three fourths of the day I spent feeling like I haven't prepared my kids to run a home of their own....FAIL.

The last part of the day we finished (last minute) the things we needed to do.  We ate a simple supper off our beautiful Christmas dishes (that I'd recently bought at a yard sale, never had Christmas dishes before!).  Candles lit everywhere.  I love candles everywhere, it makes my husband very nervous, all those "open flames" as he calls them.  Makes everything smell so good.  Enjoyed our time with the youth (3 besides mine!) playing cards for a while with my kids even after everyone else left.  At the end of the day  I thought how we enjoyed being together and what great kids they really are....even if they are slobs.  There are many other areas where I am so very proud of my kids.  I truly not only love them, but like them as well.  I try to remind myself of these things when I think of these weak areas, in which I may never excel....or pass on to them what I wish.  In the end...A good day.  Rotten kids....

P.S. this post was actually from yesterday, I just didn't get it finished! I'm not sure why I felt compelled to share this particularly unflattering information about myself and my family... I probably own more books about organization and scheduling than anyone I know.  I realize I am rambling again, sorry! Felt therapeutic though...


  1. Josette - you are so funny! I feel the exact same as you! I did too much for my older kids and they had a hard time learning to do things for themselves! But they learned! They had to - I started all over again with 3 new little ones! Ha Ha. I hope we will be a homeschooling family soon. We decided to do this a year or so ago. Right now - my husband is the one home caring for the kids(he is a contractor who works weekends!) and I have the 8-5 State job with insurance! I hope we can learn from your example!

  2. Josette I know what you are talking about. I also have lots of times I feel things are not nearly as organized as they should be at home, my part included. But one day God really spoke to me, and still does, through Ecclesiastes 5:20 - "He seldom reflects on the days of his life, because God keeps him occupied with gladness of heart."