Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jessie's new infatuations...Mouthwash and Go Fish

Jessie is such a funny girl.  She doesn't mind brushing her teeth, but she doesn't love it either.  Mainly she doesn't like to do it because it interrupts something else she is doing that she likes better, often that is watching t.v.! All that is now changed because of her "mouthwash", at least for now.  The dentist recommended (actually a couple of  visits ago) that we try using the flouride mouthwash.  Jessie has had 3 cavities in the last year or so and before that had none, ever.  This flouride rinse has a built in little measuring cup in the top to dispense the right amount.  Although Jessie can't do the whole process entirely on her own without spilling it, she loves squeezing the bottle to get it to dispense, pouring (with help) into a little cup, swishing it around (so funny to watch her face) then out with a big spit.  Thinking of the whole thing now it reminds me of my coffee rituals; such a simple thing and yet it brings me such pleasure!

The other night when we played cards when the youth were at our house, it got the kids and I interested in playing cards again, something we hadn't done much in a while.  We taught Jessie to play Go Fish the next day.  She so wants to be a part of everything we are doing.  The other games we played are too complicated for her to learn at this point, so I taught her to play Go Fish.  She doesn't fully comprehend the game, and has to have reminders, but she is loving it and wants to play every day.  Right now she is playing with Jordan in the living room. I love listening to them, Jordan patiently instructing.  What a precious big sister she is.

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