Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm Back! I think :)

We've gone through such a season of busyness in our lives in past months, there just hasn't been time for blogging.  In the past I've gotten bogged down because I felt I couldn't post some of our homeschooling adventures without adding photos.  My computer is ancient and slow, so it just didn't happen.  I DO hope to do those things because I still find there to be a shortage of blogs by mom's homeschooling their children with Down syndrome and I so enjoy reading other's ideas, especially the ones with photos :)  However, I love to share and chronicle for myself our family life and Jessie with all her Jessieness ;)  In a lot of areas of my life as I've gotten older, I've decided DONE is better than perfect- never- finished.  Jessie does so many cute and funny things on a daily basis that I really want to keep a record of them, even if noone else ever reads them.

I have recently been DVRing Paula Deen's cooking show and sometimes Jessie likes to watch it.  One day when she was helping me cook, she said, "These are our dry ingredients."  LOL  I'm not sure whether she does  understand the concept of "dry" ingredients.  She might. 

This Christmas season when we were out shopping Jessie saw some pots and pans with Paula Deen's picture on them. She told me she thought I needed to have them.  I told her I didn't have room for them in my kitchen, that my kitchen was too small.  The conversation went on a bit....she has not forgotten that conversation ;)  She's brought it up several times, that she wants me to have Paula Deen's kitchen.  She told me last night at bed time that I NEED to have Paula Deen's kitchen.  A big one.   She wants to give me Paula Deen's kitchen for Christmas :)