Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas: Funny Jessie Moments

When Jessie was opening her gifts and the little things in her stocking, she would so sweetly say Thank you Mommy, Thank you Daddy, for even the tiniest of little prizes in her stocking (even though we told her those things were from Santa!).  The same kid who was so sweetly thankful was really ticked off when the unwrapping was over! She enjoyed so much the surprise and anticipation of what was in the next package...she hated to see it end.  She has really enjoyed all of her gifts this year (so far anyway), and I'm really happy about that.  So often it is hard to tell if there will be more than momentary interest.  She loved feeding her Baby Born a bottle and she didn't mind when she tee-teed on the floor cause she had taken the diaper off. She loved putting her in the new doll playpen and playing with her new baby and all the new baby accessories.  It was so sweet to watch her "mommy" her baby.
Same sweet child yesterday said to someone "Stupid Liar!".  Now, she's heard both of those words here, unfortunately, however I'm pretty sure they weren't said together like that.  Although she of course can't be allowed to say that, I am impressed with her level of understanding.  We are a family that greatly enjoys humor and sarcastic wit (truly not to be unkind). She appropriately used the words stupid liar, after someone said something she didn't believe.  I could not stifle the laugh that came out, she said it with such dry humor(no expression at all!)....if she does it again I will be able to deal with it appropriately, but the unexpectedness of it was funny.

Our family (with extended family) almost always goes to a movie on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  Everyone wanted to see the new Chipmunk movie except Jessie.  Sometimes cartoon characters are scary to her and she said the movie was scary, that she didn't want to go, she wanted to stay home.  She usually loves to go to the movies, even if it is a movie that is more adult, that she doesn't entirely "get".  She was unbudging for a while though that she wanted to stay home.  Finally, Aunt Pam asked if she could bribe her with popcorn.  After I said yes and she asked Jessie if she would want to go to the movies if we get popcorn, Jessie said "and cherry Coke?"  Sold. To the movies we were going.  Jessie has pretty significant reflux, so carbonated beverages are something we have figured out that needs to be a rare treat.  She's a really good negotiater!! She ended up with a blue slushee at the movie, (her choice) and ended up really enjoying the movie, especially the parts where they danced.  She loves to watch dancing.

At the movies, while I was purchasing our tickets Jessie handed the guy a piece of paper with a bunch of names written on it.  Before we had left home she had told me this was her movie ticket.  I relayed this to the young man taking my debit card as he was looking like he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do with he paper she had given him.  Before we left the desk, I put the "ticket" back in my purse.  Whew! Glad I did.  At the time, none of us knew inside the piece of paper (which was folded into 1/4 size) was a dollar bill.  Jessie later kept asking about her dollar and none of us had known it was folded in the paper.  When she kept asking about her ticket, I pulled the paper out...instant happiness...I guess in her mind the dollar was to pay for her ticket, but she preferred to get to keep her money and spend ours!

These are just a few tidbits of the way Jessie has entertained us and kept us on our toes this Christmas season!

It's nineteen minutes after midnight...but it still feels like Christmas, so Merry Christmas!

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  1. We took the twins to see the chipmunk movie today. It is the second movie for Hannah - and she did really well. She tends to prefer cartoon characters to real people. Funny how each child has their own preferences hey?