Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Visiting the Nursing Home

Yesterday we went to a nearby nursing home to decorate 4 doors of patients there.  It was our church youth group (I am 1 of their 2 teachers) and Jessie went with us.  We are a small group, there were 4 youth (2 are my 2 teens!) and 2 others couldn't be there yesterday.  I was just a little anxious taking Jessie, wondering if she would be willing to let us decorate the doors or be a distraction wanting to wander away and explore. She was SO sweet.  The Wednesday night before the youth had designed/glued dollar store decorations to vinyl table cloths and we hung them on the doors with packing tape.  They turned out really nice. Jessie felt personally in charge of giving the Christmas cards that they had all signed. A couple of the ladies weren't in their rooms and we had to leave the cards for them, Jessie wanted to SEE the recipients. 

One of the ladies had Alzheimer's.  She told us she was going home tomorrow, but that they would probably change the date again. She said she was lonely and wanted to go home.  I know this made an impression on my kids. We want to kind of "adopt" this nursing home as a project and go back and play games (dominoes, checkers, etc.)

We enjoyed doing the doors and hope they add a little CHRISTmas cheer!

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