Saturday, January 23, 2010


I wish reading was as fun for Jessie as the Science has been.  Although she's coming along nicely, it's difficult enough for her, requiring concentration she doesn't like to give, and I have to coax her along.  She doesn't hate it; but she doesn't love it.  I have figured out that it helps to have her start reading a story not too difficult for her, mostly words she remembers easily, then move on to a story that has words she doesn't remember as well. Then, when she's ready to quit, I offer to read her a story (from her reader), then she reads me another. The stories are short, so I'm not a slave driver, but if I don't have her read more than one we never get to new words to practice.  Truly, I think the most difficult thing about homeschooling a child who has difficulty and is struggling (I have another kid who does; it's not just DS) is motivation.  The trick is to find the balance of difficult enough to be making progress; but not too difficult to kill desire to keep learning.  Whew, it just makes me tired.


  1. Josette, I'm right there with you!! We walk a fine line!

  2. I have been struggling with that in some areas myself lately, and I only homeschool one! I can imagine how exhausting it is when you have other students as well. Finding that line is difficult and can get discouraging but it seems whenever I get that way my daughter will do something to show just how far they she has come and makes it all worthwhile!