Tuesday, January 19, 2010

93% of people won't repost this, will you?

Wondering if anyone else feels the way I do about all the status updates on Facebook where you are taunted with the fact that 93% won't repost this, will you? Many of them are about being Christian.  I GET the idea that we should be willing to acknowledge our faith, that (reposting) just isn't the way I prefer to do it. Often my status is about my faith....it is so important to me in my everyday life that talking about it in person or on facebook, wherever, is natural.  What we say ALL THE TIME is out of the overflow of our heart. I can't help it, but those statuses daring you to repost or feel like a jerk, feel a little like bullying to me. I 100% know that isn't the intent of the person sending it, they have probably NEVER given it the level of thought I am giving it, that would be because I analyze all things to an annoying degree, even to me!

Having said that, anytime someone posts an authentic, individual post about their faith, that is always meaningful to me. Today, people are desperately looking for THE REAL THING and we desperately need to HAVE and BE the real thing. Many people will repost a precomposed status...who don't live a distinctively Christian life.  Many that live a distinctively Christian life don't need to repost that status for you to know they love their Savior.  I'm not talking about going to church.  I'm not talking about participating in Christian events. There are people that within moments of knowing them you know they love their Savior.  I want to be one of those people.

So, for the record, I love my Savior.  He is as real, and living, and present to me today, as anyone that I can touch, and see and hear.  It wasn't always so for me. I live every day now so very thankful that when I asked, "If you are real, show yourself to me, prove yourself to me, I want to believe." that he was faithful to do that.

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  1. Those repost notifications and emails I get annoy me as well. I don't think Jesus is keeping a record of if we repost or not! I'm so glad someone else feels that way.