Sunday, January 17, 2010

Buy A T-Shirt To Help Orphans in Africa and Haiti

Only a couple of months ago I learned of the site 147 Million Orphans. Any time you purchase clothing from them you help feed a child in Africa.  I love that the front of the shirts (almost all of them) say 147 million orphans and on the back is Feed 1. By purchasing the shirt you are doing just that, how easy is that? Click here to read more about the feeding program. Theirs is an amazing ministry.  It doesn't sound like purchasing a tshirt would generate enough profit to be very helpful...that is because we are thinking of the cost of a meal here.  They can provide a healthy meal for 15 cents and a weeks worth of meals for $2.10, less than the cost of a happy meal. So a tshirt really can make a difference. For the next four weeks 50% of all purchases will go to help an orphanage in Haiti.  I'd already been trying to decide which shirt to order and finally ordered my shirt today.

There are 3 blogs associated with this ministry to Uganda.  I have been reading Katie's blog  for a few weeks now. She is only 21 and is mom to 12 adopted girls in Uganda.  Did you get that I said she is 21? Get your tissue ready before you visit her blog...but not for the reason you might be thinking.  I have loved reading her blog.  My eyes are soaked, but my heart is inspired to be more like her when I grow up. Her heart, her perspective and writing are unique.  Although she does tell of difficult circumstances, you can tell by reading she is one of the most joyful people you would ever meet. Every single time I read her blog I am encouraged and inspired. When I say I want to be like her, I mean completely available to God and tuned in, clearly hearing His direction, willing to be obedient, joyful in whatever task He assigns.

 I first read her recent post about her daughter Grace  (a must read!) and a few entries that came before it.  I then decided that I had to know how she came to be doing what it is she is doing.  I have finished reading through 2007 and am now reading 2008.  What was wonderful to see was that God lead her one step at a time, she didn't instantly become mother to 12 (it may actually be 14 now, that is unclear to me) and she didn't know all of his plan when she went to Uganda.  She makes herself available to him and He is using her in a mighty way.

The other two blogs are by by moms Gwen and Suzanne who run things here in the states, who are neighbors with Katies parents in TN, and both have or are in process of adopting children from where Katie is. Between the two of them they have 13 children.  It is amazing how God has brought these people together and the stories they have to tell. 

Be prepared to be inspired!  Don't get sidetracked and forget to buy a shirt!

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