Friday, January 22, 2010

Funny Jessie: Science lesson

Jessie enjoyed all the hands on stuff we did learning about the senses so much that she wanted to do it again! It was too funny to me that she wanted to taste lemon juice again...she DOES NOT like it at all, but went right to the refrigerator to taste lemon juice and give the garlic a sniff too.  Today's new part of the lesson was about ears and skin.  So, while standing in the fridge, we used that opportunity to talk about that we could HEAR with our EARS the fan on the refrigerator, and FEEL with our SKIN that the refrigerator was cold, and the shelf was hard.  Hard and soft is a concept we've covered and she understands, but not talking about skin.  Skin is a difficult concept as it's all over your body.  I think when I'm pointing and saying skin, she's thinking, arm, leg, knee, etc. We listened for all the sounds we could hear: the dog's toenails walking on the floor, the fan in the bathroom and anything else we could think of.  It is much clearer to her, but she can still get tripped up by the language I choose, if I phrase things too differently.  At least she's enjoying the learning!


  1. Bless you once again friend! Thank you for your supportive and kind words! They lift me up! When we think things are rough, we should think of those precious children (like in Torez) and think of what they must feel each day. It is just a drop in the bucket. Keep us in your prayers please!

  2. That is aswesome that she is learning all that. And I love that she was game to try the lemon juice again.

  3. Great idea about the fan and the fridge! We did senses last year but I just got a really colorful book that I plan on using to go over them again in more detail so we may use these ideas this time around. And yes, skin is confusing! Gess struggles with that too!