Saturday, January 30, 2010

Prayers Needed For Our Buddy, Joshua

This is a picture of Joshua, with all his babies at the hospital.  I've mentioned Joshua here several times before.  He and Jessie were born just three weeks apart, Jessie first.  Tomorrow will be a week that Joshua has been in the hospital. He has asthma, so having the flu has made him a very, very, sick little boy.  He was flown by helicopter to Children's Hospital in Birmingham on Monday, spent several days in ICU, then was doing a little better and moved to a Pulmonary Care Floor. Now he is back in a special care or ICU again.  Please pray for our little buddy.  From the beginning, they were having diffculty stabilizing his oxygen levels, and he now has pneumonia as well.  He has a big brother and sister at home with grandparents as both his parents are at the hospital with him....four hours away.  They all need our prayers.

I apologize for the picture quality, I couldn't quickly get a picture and "borrowed" one from his dad's facebook.  When they were just babies and toddlers we always talked about Jessie and Joshua getting married one day.  We dreamed about how they could have their own place, very near both sets of parents! Jessie was too young to hear and understand any of that at the time.  When they were toddlers, their two big sisters dressed them up and performed wedding ceremonies (several times!) where they were pronounced husband and wife.  I truly don't think Jessie remembers any of that; they were so young, but every since she watched the Duggar wedding on tv, then there was a wedding in our family recently, she tells us she's going to marry Joshua, in a white dress, in a church, with flowers.  They have been friends from birth, hug on 1st base in baseball, and fight like siblings....who knows.

Please pray for Joshua and his family.


  1. I'm praying! My family is all very close to Children's Hospital, so if they need anything, let me know!

  2. I will be keeping them in my prayers!

  3. Praying for this little guy and his family Josette.