Tuesday, January 19, 2010

LUKE HAS A FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!

Luke, that I blogged about recently, has a family that has committed to adopt him.  It was major rejoicing/silly victory dancing at my house! Ok, I was the one doing all the silliness, but my kids had known about Luke and were excited to hear about it too.  If not adopted, he was destined to be transferred to an institution that doesn't allow the children to be adopted.  This probably would have happened next month, as that is when his birthday is.  Thank each of you that may have prayed for him and that might have passed on the word!!!  Gotta go now as Jessie is in the tub and hollering my name, "Mom, come here!",  "I need more water", " want to bathe", every 30 seconds a new announcement but I had to let you know!

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