Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Crazy Life

I had just put on my Facebook status update that I enjoyed visiting with my homeschool peeps tonight.  My daughter, Jordan (I had asked her if it was peeps or peops)  laughed so hard she was snorting and informed me that people my age didn't say peeps and I obviously hadn't seen it a lot if I didn't know how to spell it. Hmmm...

Tonight we had a homeschool meeting where we had a choice of 4 workshops you could attend, I went to one about homeschooling high schoolers and since my two teens (that feels weird to say!) were with me they went to a talk about Courtship, which I have been eager for all of us to learn more about.  Jessie went out to eat with Daddy at Things N Wings, one of our favorite places.  

This is the time of year when every week, I hope the next week will have a slower pace, then it never does! Sunday we went to the fair, the kids LOVED it and we SURVIVED it. I love how much they enjoy it. Jessie would have stayed there all night riding and eating corn dogs. Seven hours was more than enough for Jay and me.  Tuesday is our homeschool coop day, Jessie has a preschool music class, an art class, and a playtime hour where we usually get to go to the soft play area.  Jordan and Evan have their own classes and participate in a volunteer program on Tues. afternoons. When I pick them up from there, we go straight to Jessie's Special Steppers (dance class for kids with special needs). This Wednesday, we went to Special Citizens Day at the Fair then Wednesday night church (I teach the Youth).  Thursday nights Jessie has Gymnastics and this night the homeschool meeting after gym, tomorrow Jordan gets a hair cut and we have errands to run.  I desperately need to make a trip to the grocery store.....still hoping next week has a slower pace. Proofreading that paragraph makes me tired.

Our computer has very little space available so I haven't been able to upload pictures. I've been taking pictures a lot lately though and everytime Jessie tells me, "put it on your blog", or "you gonna put it on facebook?" She is rotten.

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