Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Check up at the dentist, the :) and the :(

The :(     Jessie went for a check up and cleaning at the dentist on Monday.  When she was younger (and I was certainly less diligent about brushing!) Jessie never had any cavities.  For the last couple years, bam! She has had 3 ( I think) filled and Monday they saw 2 that are minor and said they may remineralize? Never heard that before but I'm hoping for it! They also said she has two baby teeth that may need to be removed by an oral surgeon, to make room for the permanent teeth, that on xray are ready to come in.  We are going to be seen by an orthodontist (thankfully all set up with one as Jordan has already had braces, and her Daddy had braces there too) who will make the final decision.  Last, but not least, mentioned how small her palate is and that she might benefit from an expander like Jordan had, if she will tolerate having it done.  Not looking forward to any of the above possibilities!!

The :)    On a more positive note-Jessie LOVES going to the dentist, the weird kid! She went for a while just watching Jordan and Evan get their teeth cleaned and felt honored (even though she was scared) when she finally got a turn.  This dentist doesn't specialize in children with special needs (or see a lot of them) and I could tell initially they were a little nervous about the whole business, but agreed to see her, mentioning that they see a few that have siblings that are patients. The first time they didn't do a full cleaning but by the second time she let them.  By the third time she was a pro.  Although they prefer the parent not to go back with the patient, they never had a problem with me going back with Jessie, which is good, cause when she was younger I would never have let her go alone.  When she had the fillings done, they sedated her (oral not IV) and she had nitrous gas. Again, they especially don't like parents back there for all that, they said it sometimes upsets the parents and the kids do better without them.  No way would Jessie have done it without me to hold her hand and explain things to her and keep her a bit distracted, but even with the fillings she did beautifully. 

The last two visits, (she'd been there many times at this point!) Jessie has gone back without me.  When she did that for the first time, that was really an odd feeling.  She's the baby in our family, but she's the baby who wants to be a big girl.  When younger I didn't feel she communicated well enough and I didn't want any chance of anything getting off on the wrong foot unnecessarily.  Now, she talks well enough that if something bothered her or if she wanted me, she would be able to let them know.  Michelle, an especially sweet, very special hygienist is THE reason she was able to go back without me.  She really "gets" Jessie if you know what I mean.  And, I had absolute confidence that if Jessie wanted me she would come and get me.  She has been the one to clean Jessie's teeth for a while now and has told me she requests Jessie because Jessie makes her day.  THAT makes my day!

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