Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jessie and Gracey, a sweet friendship

Jessie has a friend from church, Gracey, that she dearly, dearly loves and nothing in the world makes a day better for Jessie, than to get to play with her.  They really only started to play together during the summer and since school started they haven't been able to play but a couple of times.  Yesterday, Gracey and her twin brother Grady were here with us all day while their mom was at work.  They are both very sweet children that you enjoy having around. Grady entertained himself with cars and our old Super Nintendo Donkey Kong (we still love that old game!).  Jessie and Gracey played Barbies; often Ken was in the "hopsital" and one of the Barbies were taking care of him. They played Dr., Jessie was upset that I wouldn't let her have the oral thermometer, that she had to play with the one that came with her Dr. set that goes in your ear.  She doesn't like to "pretend" anything that isn't just like the real.  They strung bead bracelets and made art with glitter and glue (that was a mess!) and they really had fun with that. They danced and twirled and took turns twirling each other.  For 7 hours, Jessie was absolutely in heaven.

Jessie is 8, Gracey is 7.  Gracey can understand much but not all of what Jessie says, but like us, she has learned to keep going on with the game if she doesn't understand every word.  She truly loves Jessie.  I know that for several more days (and they are out of town now for several days) many times a day Jessie is going to request Gracey's presence.  "Gracey come to my house and play?", "I go to Gracey's house and play?" and be aggravated each time she is told that Gracey is on a trip. Lately, every paper Jessie writes or colors on usually has Gracey's name somewhere on it.  She has learned to spell Gracey's name.  Gracey draws Jessie pictures and writes sweet messages on them, that she loves her and that she's her best friend. 

Jessie is such a social little girl and wants to go somewhere and be with people every day.  She hasn't had a lot of true friendships.  When she was younger I went through a terrible time; she would be friendly with other children, and they didn't want to play with her.  As Jessie has gotten more verbal that has gotten much better. 

I know that Gracey is going to outgrow the things that Jessie will continue to enjoy for longer.  In some ways it is even hard for me to enjoy, for worrying it will end tomorrow.  For today, I am very thankful for this special friendship.  It means so much to Jessie and to me.

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  1. Josette,
    A beautiful post, friendship for our children is something we have all worried about....until one special friend comes along, even if it's just for awhile and they enjoy every minute and never want it to end and we hope the same thing!

    Sue Mayer