Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Good Coop Day

Today our day at coop (our homeschool coop) started a little later than usual.  Jordan had gotten a haircut on Friday that we both weren't very happy with, so we had to miss our first class to go get a haircut redo.  Jessie wasn't happy about missing her music class.  This semester of coop has been the best fit we've ever had for Jessie.   The difference is a combination of that the classes we chose are on her level (always hard to tell in advance if they will be a good fit) and we don't have time to kill in between.  One semester we had 3 hours when her siblings had class that she didn't.  That was really difficult.  This semester she has 1) Preschool Music - the teacher dresses as Miss Patty Cake and they sing the songs, have a color sheet with Bible verse to take home and have a snack 2)Preschool Art - she has taken art classes with this same art teacher before and really enjoyed them, but has liked this one the very best.  The other classes she learned from and enjoyed but had to wait more, listen more (much of which was over her head) so this class has just been the perfect fit.  Also, her teacher, Mrs. Denise is just THE BOMB.  She is so entertaining, engaging and fun while keeping amazing order in her class, even when it's preschoolers. 3) Preschool Playtime - the other kids are 3-5 year olds and most weeks we take the class to the soft play area in the church. 

Her classes end at 12:30, she is always mildly irritated that Jordan and Evan stay for the afternoon with the highschoolers who do volunteer projects in the afternoon.  She only doesn't pitch a fit because she knows we will go somewhere for lunch together and she loves to go out to eat, whether it is fast food or one of her other favorites.  For this semester, she has really enjoyed that we go out together, usually just the two of us.  We colored together while we waited for our food.

Today, after lunch, I had a dentist appointment.  Ordinarily I wouldn't schedule one when Jordan or Evan couldn't keep her at home, but I'd had a tooth bothering me that I felt desperate to be seen for and this was when they could fit me in.  She had a blast!  After they saw about the issue I'd been having, they said they could fit me in for a cleaning if I wanted to go ahead with that while I was there.  See, the truth is (and I'm sure some of you can identify) my kids go to the dentist faithfully every 6 months, while I might go 2 years if I'm not having a problem.  I think she knew if they didn't do it today....might be a while.  I was a little worried about Jessie sitting that long, but decided to go ahead.  The hygienist has a nephew with special needs and was so wonderful with Jessie.  She let her hold the "straw" to suck the water out of my mouth and turn it on and off.  A little bit, she even let her help hold the toothbrush/polisher, but Jessie knew she wasn't really in control of that the way she was with the straw, so she preferred the straw.  All the other hygienists kept coming by (the doorways are open, no real door there) commenting on what a good helper Jessie was.  When we left she had on gloves and a mask in hand so she could check her babies teeth when we got home.

After the dentist, we went back to the church to pick up J & E, and she really enjoys socializing with the teenagers there.  She thinks those are her people too.  A couple of years ago we seemed to be struggling so, trying to find places to fit, it was an agonizing time for me.   Right now we are in a better place.  All the teens  when we go in there are not only kind to her but when she initiates dancing with them (she loves to watch So You Think You Can Dance) they feel less self conscious now and dance with her or talk to her.  She never wants to leave there, but is persuaded because our next stop is dance.

This is Jessie's second year in the Special Steppers.  A free (!!) dance class for special needs kids.  It is funded by donations and fundraisers.  Jessie enjoyed it at first last year then started not wanting to go.  She has a new teacher this year, the owner of the dance studio, and is doing much better.  The class although simple in some ways, is excellent physical  therapy and after 30 minutes, Jessie is tired.  Jessie doesn't have great endurance and most of that time they are at least standing/moving.  She is learning to skip (not well yet!) and is, after a few weeks of working on it, walking on her toes.  At first she just couldn't walk on those toes for more than a couple steps.

We came home where she nagged us all about wanting to be our dentist and check our teeth.  She ate supper and stretched out side to side in the recliner (that is her spot) and watched TV.  When I sent her to the bathroom to get ready for bed, walking through my bedroom she flicked on the light (knowing her Daddy wouldn't like it!), when he said "huh uh" with an irritated sound, she said, "Gotcha"!! That's my funny girl.

In bed, we played the kissing game, this time she picked where she wanted her kisses. She REALLY enjoys the negotiations.  After I got way more kisses than she said I could have, she kissed me a few times, counting them.  A great way to end a good day.

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