Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sticker No No

Jessie has liked stickers for a long time.  It hasn't been all that long since she has been able to pick up the smaller stickers.  We always have tons of stickers to use for making cards for different special occasions and just for fun.  Such a great fine motor activity, I'm happy that she is enjoying them....BUT not when they end up places like....

On the glass back door.  These have actually been there a couple of months.  It was cute and I didn't have the heart to remove them.

Newest addition: added a bunch of stickers to the laminate floor, all in a perfect straight line.

This isn't where Dora belongs!  Jessie, in the past, hasn't been able to scrape them off the floor herself.  This time she had to help remove them as I could see she's decided this is a really cute idea.  Sorry to have to spoil the fun :(

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