Friday, February 12, 2010


Jessie loves to help me cook.  She sometimes really likes to cook in her kitchen.  Lately, she wants to cook (play cook) in the real kitchen, with all the real utensils.  Funnels, measuring cups, pot holders, measuring spoons (translates....drag out everything in the kitchen!)......

In the past year Jessie has finally reached the level of understanding that when I ask her, "Keep it or give it away?", she has been able to help make decisions about what to get rid of when cleaning out her toys. So far we haven't made any big mistakes by relying on whatever she tells me when asked that question.  

She hasn't played with her toy kitchen much lately.  When she has kept getting out my real things, I've wondered if it was time to get rid of her toy kitchen.  So, I asked her, "Jessie, are you tired of (a phrase she uses regularly and understands!) your kitchen?  Do you want to keep it or sell it?"

She quickly and very adamantly replied, " I don't like selling!"  "Keep it!"  You could hear the little bit of fear in her voice.  Okay.  We'll wait a while, it SURE takes up a LOT of space in her room. 

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