Saturday, October 31, 2009

Funny Jessie

Jessie is such a funny litle girl. Even right now she is making me laugh. She has been making "fair tickets" and just brought me mine. She loves to make papers with letters (random letters and names she knows how to spell) and sometimes just squiggles.  They are always something in particular, such as fair tickets. When she gave me my ticket, I asked Jessie if she was taking me to the fair. She said yes.  I asked if she was going to eat a corndog. (I knew the answer to that question!)  She said yes.  We usually get some Kettle Corn too, so I asked if she was going to eat some popcorn, to which she replied, a very emphatic no.  If she said yes, she was afraid she would end up getting the popcorn instead of the corndog she loves.  Maybe you had to be there to get the humor in that one but she was cracking me up.

Two weeks ago at Jessie's gymnastics class, she had come out of the classroom to tell me something.  As she stood in the doorway about to go back in she said something to me and ended the sentence with, "heifer".  I was talking to another mom by this time and ignored what she said.  So, a little louder she said, "I called you a heifer!", then we all burst out laughing.  The other mom said, " I thought that was what she said but wasn't sure."  I reassured my friend that she wasn't being disrespectful, but that was an endearment of sorts.  We say it to each other all the time.  Jessie very much has the same sense of humor as the rest of our family.  We like to be silly, call names (not mean ones!), take a swat as one walks by, always teasing each other.  It has been so fun to see this side of Jessie developing more and more.  She constantly makes me laugh and she loves it when she knows she is being funny.

Tonight, Jay and I were going out to eat with our pastor and his wife, just us adults. I was explaining this to Jessie on our ride home from Target, while she was still enjoying her icee.  She LOVES to go out to eat and wanted to go with us.  When I told her no, this time was just for the grown ups she wasn't very happy.  We came in the house; I was in the bathroom and could hear her in the living room talking to her Daddy.  She was talking about us going out to eat, and said, "Don't take her."  That little heifer!

She knows that I have been blogging about her.  I took some pictures of her this week while we were doing schoolwork, that I plan to post later, when I can get my pictures uploaded.  She knew I was going to put the pictures on my blog.  Now, anytime I take a picture of her she wants to know if I'm going to put it on Facebook or on my blog.  She is quite rotten and likes to be the center of attention.

Must go to bed now....I've been up much too late reading the blogs of others that I enjoy and now posting my own.

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