Saturday, October 17, 2009

About My Blog

It seems funny to type, About My Blog. Until a couple of months ago I'd resisted even having a Facebook. As a very busy homeschooling mom to three, very active in our church and our local Down Syndrome group there just wasn't time for such as that. Finally, I gave in... I have enjoyed so much being able to know what is going on everyday in the lives of people I care about, but don't get to talk to every day. So often I am inspired by something written by someone on their update, or touched, or made to laugh. I might get the update while helping Jessie read, or sitting at gymnastics, or in the grocery store. Homeschooling and all our activities means that I can't always talk at the same time someone else is available...but I can get their quick update via text and know what is going on with them. I only recently realized several of my friends & acquaintances have blogs and have enjoyed reading them tremendously. It's amazing to me what you might read/share/write and learn about each other, that you wouldn't as quickly learn about someone in a conversation you might have in person. I'm a person who likes to know others story, and when telling my own, never knows how to use the few words allowed in a facebook update, thus, my blog.

I have loved finding the blogs of other moms of children with Down syndrome, especially those that homeschool. Other than online, I don't personally know anyone who homeschools their child with Down syndrome. Reading the blogs of others has encouraged me, given me specific, helpful, homeschooling ideas, and made me not feel alone in this journey. I have a special fondness for all people with Down syndrome. I have been amazed by that almost instant feeling of connection with their families.

I hope that by sharing my thoughts, someone else might feel encouraged, inspired, made to laugh, or just not feel alone in their journey.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world Josette! I look forward to getting to know your homeschooling family!

    If you Google "Maclaren Major Special Needs Stroller", you'll come up with lots of vendors. We use it because Hannah doesn't have much stamina either. We use it on long trips (NYC, Orlando, etc) or sometimes the mall, depending on how long we'll be out. We were able to use our healthcare savings account to pay for it since we got the pediatrician to write a prescription for it. You might even be able to find one on ebay, though shipping is the killer! HTH.

  2. Hey Josette. I just read your first blog and think that is awesome. I too got accidentally sucked into using Facebook, but really like it now. I like to put a "word" God has given me on there a lot of days, usually using a memory verse.

  3. I finally found you. I'm so glad you have the follower link so I can follow you that way. You will enjoy blogging & I can't wait to find out what has changed for you in the past 20 years. ;-)